The FIRST Festival of Champions 2017

The first FIRST Festival of Champions will be held July 28th & 29th in Manchest, NH.  We wish all the Champions good luck at this inaugural event.

St. Louis Championships are over…

The Daly Division won the last St. Louis Championship finals.  Congratulations to FRC Teams 2767 (Stryke Force), 254, (The Cheesy Poofs), 862 (Lightning Robotics) & 1676 (The Pascack PI-oneers)!

 The Houston Championships are over…

The Roebling Division won the first Houston Championship finals.  Congratulations to FRC Teams 973 (Greybots), 1011 (CRUSH), 2928 (Viking Robotics), & 5499 (Bay Orangutans)!

Time to fly!

Now that build season is over it is time to see whose airships can fly and whose will remain grounded.  Good luck to all FRC teams!


The 2017 FRC Challenge!

The 2017 FRC challenge was just announced: FIRST STEAMWORKS.  Learn more about it here.


The 2017 FRC Challenge & Teaser

The 2017 FRC challenge will be announced on January 7th.  Check out the teaser here.


The 2016 Sanghi Foundation Arizona FIRST Robotics State Championship

The 2016 Arizona State Championships were held on October 15, 2016 at Arcadia High School.  The top 30 teams from around the state competed in a single day qualifier and elimination series of matches.  Plasma Robotic finished high enough to be an alliance captain.  Unfortunately after several tough matches the team only walked away with 4th place.  Congratulations to the winning teams: Pridetronics (FRC 3853), Falcon Robotics (FRC 842) and Team CAUTION (FRC 1492).


The 2016 FRC Challenge!

The 2016 FRC challenge was just announced: FIRST Stronghold.  Learn more about it here.


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